Community thanked for support

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We want to express our family’s gratitude for all the support provided at the Galax breakfast benefit for Luke Hampton.
The overwhelming community support and prayers for Luke after his tragic life-changing accident are greatly appreciated.
We are especially grateful for the organization and work of Marlene and Garry Adams and members of Trinity Baptist Church.
We also thank Galax schools administration, Jeff Sharpe, Joyce Sikes, Kenneth and Shelbie Higgins, Mary and Randall Hines, Maria Alvarado, Cris Jackson, Babette Nuckolls and the GHS Honor Society, Jackie Smith and the GHS Family Career Community Leaders of America and Coach Barkley and the GHS wrestling team for assisting with the successful fundraiser.
Luke is a fine young man, who no doubt will take this tremendous change in his life and use it for helping other people who are less fortunate than him.
He met one at the Shepherd Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta, where he has spent several months in rehabilitation.
Luke befriended this young man who also recently became quadriplegic. Luke shared the support he had received so that this young man, who had no one by his side or clothes to wear other than a hospital gown and socks, could feel the love and support of our community.
Luke and others in similar situations help bring our lives into perspective when considering the blessings that we have, such as the simple act of being able to get out of bed and place our feet on the floor in the morning.
Words cannot explain how deeply and profoundly our family has been affected by the many people who volunteered and those who could only afford a few dollars, but who willingly gave what they could to help Luke as he goes through this ordeal.
We are thankful for everyone’s prayers, which we believe combined with Luke’s attitude and character, give us faith that he will one day regain independence and mobility.
We are blessed to live in this community where our friends, relatives and neighbors are there to assist each other.
Thank you and thank God for our community’s humility, empathy, love and willingness to share what they can.
Edwin and Becky Ward,
Imogene and Teresa DeBoard, and
Randy and Benita Hampton families