College Comes Closer

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Carroll County's Adult Education Center offers local residents an opportunity to go back to school and improve marketable skills.

The center at 787 Woodlawn Road offers help with Algebra and geometry, basic computer skills, GED preparation, reading and writing, sciences and more.

A report card issued by Virginia grading adult education centers says that Carroll's program fell just a few points short of achieving a perfect score. The grading curve was a 50-point scale, Carroll earned 46.29 and the state average is 37.5.

Part of the high score came from the adult education center's ability to reach people who need assistance. The report noted that enrollment got as high as 254 people attending 4,563 hours of study.

The Wytheville Community College classes at the Crossroads Institute in Galax attract 20 percent of all the students at the community college. Residents can attend classes right here in the Twin Counties and save time, energy and money — and it appears to have had a hand in boosting enrollment in WCC.

When WCC started holding classes in Galax, it benefitted both individuals and the community. That offered even more educational options and, like the adult ed center, began helping locals improve their lives.

So the ability to earn select bachelor and master degrees through a partnership between Crossroads, New College Institute and state universities looks like it has great potential. Availability of these degrees enhances the educational offerings in the area, and local officials want to expand course offerings in the future.

Now, Twin County residents have many opportunities to take advantage of progressive educational offerings right here at home.