Coaching is more than winning games

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I’m a former player of Grayson County girls basketball, responding to the parent who said they’d be ashamed.
Personally, I think you said it perfectly and that’s why you aren’t coaching.
Our coach isn’t a prideful man that’s ashamed of any of his players, but one of character and integrity.
While playing on the team, I not only gained knowledge of the game of basketball and was equipped with the proper tools to play the game, but also how to be better prepared for life and for my future.
Instead of finding fault, maybe you should find the good in the situation. Be thankful an honest, trustworthy man is spending his time with your child every afternoon and that they are in good hands. Need I remind you what is alleged to have happened at Penn State.
There is more to life than always winning and being on top. Would you rather have a winning season with a coach who physically, mentally and emotionally harms your child, who possess no morals and values, or have a man who can give your child more than winning ball games?
I was part of the team that won the game in 2008 and then went my whole senior year without a single win. Never once did I feel “left behind,” but loved and encouraged the whole season with hope that the next game would be ours.
Still today I’m reminded of basketball season. I hardly ever think about our record but of all the fun memories and life lessons I learned.
It’s always easier to find the bad about others and point fingers, but I challenge you to look for the good in every situation.
Devin Osborne