Class thanks supporters

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As the teacher of the CCEC class at Galax Elementary School, and on behalf of my students, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone in the community who helped make possible the $10,000 prize in the UCT Gives Back contest.
It is seldom that I have been able to witness such a tremendous outpouring of support and generosity. There were so many people who helped make this a reality, and I wish I were able to thank each and every one. There were votes cast from this community and votes cast from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii.
So many people reached out to ask for help from people who voted simply because they had been asked by friends and family members they knew cared about this cause. I appreciate all of you who did reach out, and those who voted daily. Others passed out fliers, placed posts on Facebook, made announcements in church, and I am sure came up with many ingenious methods for getting the word out.
The result of all this hard work is that my class will now enjoy new materials that would never have been possible before. This will not only enrich their lives and education now, but will also touch their lives in the future. I am very humbled by this experience, and I am so glad I got to witness people coming together and working so hard for others. It has truly been wonderful to be surrounded by such a spirit of generosity.
Thank you UCT, thank you Galax, and thanks to all the folks out there I cannot speak to personally. I am eternally grateful, and I will never forget this absolutely remarkable time in my career.
Linda Hunter
CCEC Teacher
Galax Elementary School