Claims against Carroll disputed

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Mr. Goldwasser, please tell the facts!

Ameripumps is still in operation. It is providing jobs with no cost to the taxpayers. Amerlink cost the county over $2 million with no jobs.

The sewer to Galax was done because it saved the county thousands of dollars.

Mr. Goldwasser is OK with some of the members of the previous board using money from the promised Honeycutt Dam and Airport Road water project to build a sewer line to a single business that cost taxpayers $400,000 with a return of $50 a month.

The businessmen that provide several hundred jobs to the citizens of Carroll County invested their own money in Exit 19. No one made windfall profits.

Exit 19 is a regional project endorsed by the governor to bring jobs. I want jobs here for my children now that we have the water to compete.

This board did agree a lot. They went right to work for you.

If our president and congressmen would do this, imagine what could happen. I think it is better to do what is best for the citizens instead of fist fighting with each other.

All you have to do is look back at the minutes from the previous board — there were three board members that tried but were set back by the others.

This board works for you and is always available. The administrator that Goldwasser has a personal vendetta against did nothing wrong. The commonwealth’s attorney looked into this and found nothing.

The board encouraged Goldwasser and anyone else to file suit if there was wrong doing. Well, Mr. Goldwasser, what are you waiting for?

Under this board we have had no tax increases, paid off debt, built a reserve, added water and sewer to the interstate exits, got county land out of a 99-year lease with Amerlink, decreased farm machinery tax, agreement with Hillsville and much more in a bad economy with state cuts. We cannot afford to go back.

Support my dad, Sam Dickson, for Carroll supervisor.

Joey Dickson