Citizens free to speak?

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[Carroll County Board of Supervisors Chairman Tom] Littrell says citizens are not silenced, but it strikes me odd that the supervisors adopted a rule in January after Mike Goldwasser took Gary Larrowe to task for his alleged conflict of interest in December.
I don’t recall any other citizen ever being denied to speak on any subject.
Why did the board feel it necessary to adopt such a rule at that particular time? It certainly would leave the impression that they did not want the subject broached again.
A county government "whitewash?"
We’re talking about a brief three-minute period of time, not a two-day filibuster.
As a citizen of the county, it is my opinion that if a citizen wants to spend three minutes at EVERY meeting telling these guys what a lousy job they are doing, it is their right to do so.
This is, after all, a nation of free speech, not a nation of free speech only if the government likes it.
John Terry