Church for sale, any denominations accepted

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By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE — There will be no revival for Fellowship Wesleyan Church. Instead, the facility will be sold after the pastor moves to New York.
After Alan Page came to Hillsville in 2009, he tried to get the word out that the church was still pursuing its mission.
Many didn’t even know the church continued to hold services. Despite erecting a new cross in front of church on Virginia Street, visible from U.S. 58, people still thought it had been shuttered.
Attrition has continued to take a toll on the congregation that had been stuck at an average of about 14 for some time.

Worshippers have been increasingly attracted to larger mega-churches in recent years, and Page finds that holds true here, too. “People want to go where things are going on — but things could be going on here, if they’d come and help work towards it,” he said.
In larger congregations, church members can remain in the background if they want to, he said. It holds true about 20 percent of the members do most of the work.
“My people did all they could, but they’re getting old,” Page said. “March 31 will be our last Sunday.”
Page first moved to this area to take a church in Ararat.
“We were only there a year and a half and God called us here to Hillsville,” he said.
The church did see some salvations, but ultimately it was not to be.
When Page arrived, he prayed that God let the church grow or close it, whatever His will, and now the pastor has the answer.
“God’s work is never a failure,” he said. “I mean, if the church closes, He has his reasons.”
Though it has no fellowship hall, the church does have some land in a field where one could be built, he said. The church can fit 150 in its pews and has six classrooms and a nursery.
Southern Virginia Real Estate is the church’s broker.
Page only hopes that the building will continue to be used as a place of worship.
“There’s no reason if a church group were to take it over that they couldn’t make a go of it,” he said.