Christian 'control' of America unmandated

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In an Aug. 9-10 letter, writer Jeannette Watt laments the loss of Christian “control” of America.
She fails to mention, however, just where it is mandated that Christians “control” America (nowhere), or just what rights Christians are losing.
Longing for peace is certainly admirable, but not in the same breath as Christian “control.”
Witness the Crusades, the Inquisition and the wholesale slaughter of entire populations.
She correctly alluded to our ancestors coming to this country to escape religious persecution, or control (terrorism, as she put it).
But she apparently has no problem imposing her own version of persecution, or “control” on America. This would be especially tragic in a country as diverse as ours.
All America would be better served with a greater understanding of history, more common sense and less Bible thumping.

Terry Combs
St. Petersburg, Fla.