Chemical toxicity questioned

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So you’ve seen or heard the helicopter circling for hours.
Grayson County will now be blanketed with pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers for all us victims to breathe in, contaminating your food by falling on your gardens, causing an uptake through the skin, especially if your children walk bare foot, drinking it as it lands onto the waterways also known to have leaching issues and having aquatic and animal toxicity.
Watch your pond fish and animals.
A Roanoke applicator company has been spraying Christmas trees, instead of ground crews being used. When using dimethoate, which has already been used, a legal requirement of a buffer zone must be adhered to and windflow must be monitored.
The morning the helicopter sprayed the neighboring trees in Elk Creek it was windy and it carried on air currents onto my organic farm.
I described the chopper to the pesticide investigator who confirmed it to be the sprayer. The chopper was a quarter-mile from my farm and over a residential area. No Christmas trees. Where was the buffer zone? Why are the citizens of Grayson County not protected from this damaging onslaught?
Dimethoate is an ingredient in Agent Orange, a neurotoxin, with damages known since 1965. Food samples in the U.S. have Dimethoate residues. It is known to be hazardous to honeybees, and have aquatic and animal toxicity.
Research shows it creating reproductive toxicity in both human sexes. This chemical causes lymph and thymus issues also being immuno toxic.
It is known to cause miscarriages in farm workers and a host of health issues. It is toxic to certain plants, with danger of systemic poisoning.
Dimethoate stays in the atmosphere, falling back onto the land and waterways as rain and snow poisoning.
Do some research in the Journal of Pesticide Science Volume 25 for leaching issues and the laws requiring a buffer zone.
Reviews and reports are being withheld and protected under Directive 91/414/EEC in Commission of Health & Consumer Protective. The U.N. Health & Safety Guide declared Dimethoate an acute toxicity of .9947.
Theresa Rogers
Elk Creek