CCHS renovations continuing

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By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE  — Contractors on the Carroll high and intermediate expansion projects have moved to interior finishes for the most part, a good sign for completing construction on schedule, according to the clerk of the works.
Dennis Cole updated both the Carroll School Board and supervisors at their September meetings.
“The contractor is getting ready to start finishes and once we start finishes it’s pretty much downhill from there,” he said about work at the high school. “We don’t anticipate any more issues, especially for things that might create a change order.”


Contractors have installed many elements of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, paving the way for drywall hanging and finishing and painting to take place.
Work on the new entry in what officials call “the storefront” has closed in the addition that will house the administrative offices on the first floor and the media center on the second floor, he said.
Outside, there was curbing, sidewalks and the access road to pour and pave.
The completion date for the high school contract is November, with about 80 percent of the construction wrapped up so far.
“We’re looking pretty good with that,” Cole said.
Most of the work at the intermediate school now focuses on the interior of the new three-story classroom addition, he said. Work has turned to things like drywall installation and finishes inside.
One item that concerned both school and Hillsville officials was the operable windows installed in the new classroom building.
“They’re big enough for someone to go through,” Cole said. “The Town of Hillsville and the school system has opted to go ahead and close those windows and make a permanent fix so they don’t open.”
The facility doesn’t need those windows to open for fresh air or any other reason, he added.
"It was decided by the school and by the Town of Hillsville that everybody would feel much more comfortable if those windows were permanently shut."
The intermediate school work is about 65-plus percent complete with the schedule calling for construction to wrap up by January.