A caution about Facebook

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Sad but true. Fools’ names, like their faces, are always found in public places. Your satisfaction comes from your belief that you can deceive others as you’ve deceived yourself.
This is accomplished by your relationship with handchosen friends with similar kind of thought as you.
You are now able to enjoy the fiddler but realize that soon there will come a time that he must be paid. There are honorable methods of communicating with God that you have chosen to obey not.
You are simply using Facebook to develop a friendship of the world.
This, without care for God, is an offense to God. A true friend does not say to another only what they want to hear. They, as well as yourself, only want to hear what relieves your conscience. This practice only deepens the pit for both.
Jesus Christ had firsthand experience with people of pretense lines of thought. The message he conveyed to them was that no one fools our Lord.
Examine yourself, whether or not you’re in faith. Prove yourself that Jesus Christ is in you. Our proof is sanctified by the word of God. Whatever we sow we shall reap, for life is but a vapor.
Jason Durham