Carroll water park opposed

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Hillsville already has a water park at the Lake Ridge RV Resorts, open to the public.
I oppose building a new park that will realize a loss for the first few years, with an estimated cost of over $3.5 million.
Galax Parks and Recreation has plans for a year-round aquatic complex for $3 million, a much better deal. Independence also wants a water park, but that is presently on hold.
I do not want my taxes increased to cover any loss.
This is a depressed area and we need permanent, decent-paying jobs, not temporary minimum wage jobs to build this park. We have Wildwood and the industrial park empty of companies that could provide decent employment.
Reading the paper, it sounds like this is a done deal. I hope not.
The supervisors were elected to be good stewards of Carroll County finances.
Carroll County taxpayers, please check into this matter.
Georgette Lasorso