Carroll supervisors approve road plan

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Supervisor votes no after questioning placement of roads on six-year plan

By Sara Blankenship

HILLSVILLE — The Carroll County Board of Supervisors approved the six-year plan for road improvements at its May 8 meeting.

The vote was 4-2, after discussion of some roads that were and were not included on the plan.

Laurel Fork Supervisor Joshua Hendrick brought up a discussion on Flint Hill Rd. (Route 912), which had been requested as an addition to the plan. “Currently, according to the latest published traffic data, that route does not meet the minimum traffic count of 50 [per day]. It’s advertised as a count of 30,” Hendrick said. “I would not recommend that it be placed on there because it is not eligible for any of the unpaved road funds.”

Hendrick told the board the route was in the Cana area of the county and Phil McCraw asked how long it had been since that study had been done. “That one was the latest and it was done in 2016,” said Hendrick. “In the preliminary six-year plan in front of you, the last route has a traffic count of 40 and it’s with a note that a recount must be done and it must be over 50 in order for it to be eligible. I just wanted to make you aware of that.”

Fancy Gap Supervisor Phil McCraw pointed out that traffic count was a requirement of the Virginia Department of Transportation. Hendrick verified that and said he wouldn’t recommend putting a route on the plan that didn’t meet that standard.

Another suggestion from Hendrick was the position of Mulberry Lane (Route 856) on the plan. Mulberry as not previously on the plan, but was brought up during a public hearing at the supervisors’ April meeting and added to the plan in the order of its traffic count.

“Last year we asked VDOT to rank the routes based on traffic count with the caveat that anything added would go to the end of the list,” said Hendrick. “My preference would be to take Mulberry and move it on the end.”

Phil McCraw made a motion to accept the six-year road plan as presented and Supervisor At-Large Robbie McCraw seconded his motion. The motion passed 4-2, with Hendrick and Board Chairman Bob Martin voting no.