Carroll sells Ivanhoe property

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By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE — The sale of 49.2 acres of Carroll County land in Ivanhoe generated some $289,000 (minus auction fees) for use in economic development.

Land once occupied by National Carbide Corp. got split between Wythe and Carroll counties when that facility closed and turned over property to the localities.

The Carroll County Industrial Development Authority decided to sell its portion of land adjacent to New River Trail State Park at absolute auction last Saturday.

“Everyone was very pleased with the outcome — exceptionally pleased I think would be the word of the day,” said County Administrator Gary Larrowe.

He estimated that as many as 80 people attended the auction.

The average price per tract was $5,885, according to countyofficials.

The land had been assessed at $5,000 per acre.

The nine tracts had been broken up into five or six acres each.

Billy Barker bought a portion of the land.

Larrowe said he didn’t know what Barker planned to do with what he bought, but that Barker had expressed past interest in building a garage.

Barker bought three of the tracts by himself and two with Eddie Blair. Barker lives in Wytheville and Blair lives in Ivanhoe.

The other two buyers were Cullen Reeves and George Fisher, with two tracts each.

Assistant Administrator Ronald Newman expects the land to be used for residential development.

The IDA has not earmarked funds earned from the land sale for any particular project. Larrowe expects the funds to go toward economic development and better positioning of the county.

Auction duties were shared by Dawn Auction and Alderman Auction and Appraisal Co.