Carroll needs a more open government

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It appears Tom Littrell, as chairman of the Carroll County Public Service Authority, has used his position with the authority and board of supervisors member to — without any public discussion or direction from either the authority or board — answer Mr. Brooke’s report on the Fancy Gap Sewer Project.
There is no public record of the board or authority requesting that he respond.
Quite frankly, I have a hard time understanding when one can appoint himself to a position within the county and call it an open form of government.
I feel Dr. Littrell does not understand the simple issues that have gone unanswered. To this date no one has provided any documentation of approval by either the authority or the board, from its minutes, to support awarding the Fancy Gap sewer design and the non-approved “add on” Joy Ranch Road sewer project.
In Dr. Littrell’s letter as chairman, he defends the taking of more than $300,000 from the fine folks of Fancy Gap and moving it to the Pipers Gap District.
Even today the county’s website coverage map of the PSA Fancy Gap Project Updates section shows no mention of the Joy Ranch Road project!
Several folks in the Pipers Gap District offered they would not want any monies for a project that was taken from anyone in the county without some type of public hearing for open discussion.
Also added: they would not support an elected official or a county employee of doing such a hideous act.
I truly feel citizens are fed up with the ongoing “closed sessions” and behind-closed-door deals.
Dr. Littrell, shame on you for the attempt to defend the taking of dollars from the fine folks of Fancy Gap without any public meeting.
I want to end this on a positive note, and I quote Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty, “that’s a fact jack!”
Stephen J. Gregson
Fancy Gap