Carroll citizens didn't vote for change

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I disagree with a recent letter that stated Carroll County voters showed a strong expression for change of incumbent supervisors.
Actually, they expressed satisfaction by matching the highest percentage of returning supervisors during the past 37 years. Let’s take a minute and look at Carroll’s political history.
In 1974 the supervisor-at-large position was added to our form of county government. During the past 10 supervisor elections, zero supervisors were re‑elected in 1999 and 2007. Results of the 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1991 elections returned one of six supervisors.
The 1995 election returned two of six. The highest degree of satisfaction was demonstrated by re-electing three of six in 987, 2003 and, yes, for the year in question — 2011.
The past November results of 50 percent matches the best in 40 years. If you look at Ms. Goldwasser’s, summary he also talks about percentages of victory. I don’t know how many votes constitute a legitimate win, but I do know if one has more votes than their opponent, they are declared the winner.
There are different ways to look at results. Carroll has 18 precincts in the county and I won 13, to my opponent’s five. You figure the percentage and while you are doing that, look at my margin of victory for Pipers Gap district in which Mr. Goldwasser resides.
The way I see the numbers game is, when compared to past facts about elections, this was not a strong expression for change in Carroll.
I plan to continue working for Carroll just as hard as if I had received that magic number of votes that Mr. Goldwasser determined I needed to be a winner.
Citizens should know the facts and true number comparisons. We have had some good supervisors in the past and I encourage anyone that has a desire to move Carroll forward to step up.
Competition is good for all and just maybe you will receive that magical number to be elected, whatever it is.
Sam Dickson