Candidate's negative comments unfair to opponent

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I find supervisor candidate Gesche Morley energetic and invigorating.
One Sunday early this summer we traveled to Floyd to a training seminar. We were new acquaintances, so there was a lot to talk about.
I was curious about her approach to problem solving and the areas she had talked about as her areas of focus for Grayson County.
She talked about the foundation of agriculture in our county. She talked about the deep involvement of her sister, Charlotte, in grass-fed beef and the potential for growers here.
As an educator, she talked about the need of opportunities for our young people to stay in Grayson County; the need to encourage alternative career paths and to explore vocational training and practical trades.
We talked about the need of the community to help foster business and education to create high quality jobs that provide livable wages.
And beneath all these, the need to provide and support reliable/fast internet connectivity. Gesche was enthusiastic and knowledgeable!
A couple of weeks ago I was surprised by two people at my door. It turned out to be Tom Revels with one of his campaigners. We sat on the porch and talked for a few minutes.
We talked about what I was hoping for the future of the county. Basically, we agreed on the points I had talked about with Gesche. Mr. Revels added the needs of the EMTs in Grayson County and I agreed with him.
Then Mr. Revels posted negative statements implying Gesche is unduly influenced by her sister, Charlotte, that is in some way counter to the future of Grayson County. I was astonished.
When we sat on my porch and talked, he presented himself as a fair-minded, well-meaning man. He told me that if he were elected, he would also represent me.
But, he cannot represent me if he bases his decisions on assumptions rather than knowledge and is willing to belittle someone in an effort to make himself appear superior. My greatest hope is that he was given poor advice resulting in what he wrote.
Janet Braithwaite
Mouth of Wilson