Candidate supports return to basics

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Anthony Flaccavento, candidate for the 9th District to represent us in Congress, has demonstrated that communities can thrive and even prosper by returning to the basics of life by encouraging people to enhance the soil, grow their own food without toxic chemicals and share the abundance with those less fortunate.
He is collecting food for food banks in his campaign offices.
Flaccavento will be a breath of fresh air in legislative circles since his hands will be on the throttle of working with and for the people rather than having his hands in the pockets of corporations.
Flaccavento has 26 years of hands-on experiences working with community partners to create jobs and better opportunities for families.
He is the author of about 100 articles on sustainable development and organic farming. He founded the nationally recognized entrepreneurial non-profit Appalachian Sustainable Development Group.
Anthony wants to represent the working people who too often feel neglected by a political system in which big corporations and partisan agenda hold undue influence.
Please vote for Anthony Flaccavento on Nov. 6.
Martha LaRa Gibson
Mouth of Wilson