Candidate has compassion

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Why I think we need to continue with Tom Littrell as our Pipers Gap District Supervisor?

I have known Doc for about 12 years. First as my dentist, second as president of our Twin County Region of Virginia AACA Car Club, third as our Pipers Gap District supervisor, and most of all a friend.

In all cases, Doc has shown compassion and zeal for what he does that would be very difficult to equal by anyone. His motive and integrity is unquestionable.

Doc and wife Fay are very active in their church and its outreach programs and anything that concerns our community and county.

Doc and I do not always agree on the issues concerning governing our county but we, as individuals, do not always have the big picture.

I can assure you that when Doc does come to a decision that it will be for the greater good of our district and county.

It is a win win choice for us and the community to re elect Tom Littrell as our Pipers Gap supervisor.

I appreciate this opportunity to express my views on this matter and am thankful that I live in and have served in the U.S. Navy for a country that I have the liberty to do so.

Mason Hardin

Carroll County