Campus Crusade changed life

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Growing up in the small town of Troutdale, I always heard of the stories and things that happen on a college campus.
After transferring to Radford University in the fall of 2007, I wanted to test out those stories.
I began to party and just be consumed in all the world has to offer. Then I somehow ended up at the first weekly meeting for Campus Crusade for Christ.
This guy reached out to me and welcomed me into a group of Christians that loved the Lord and each other.
I have an amazing opportunity to intern with a campus ministry called Campus Crusade for Christ for the next year. I will be giving up my life for the year to do what God has called me to do — to reach college students for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
During the past four years since I’ve been involved, I have been mentored by older men, I have been on short-term mission trips, and went to several conferences where I really grew in my faith.
I had the blessing to mentor four younger guys in their faith and help them figure out where God was calling them after graduation.
To be able to intern with this ministry, I have to raise funds to help pay for living and ministry expenses. But it will bless the students you will be helping to reach.
To show you the urgency of this mission, this past year we had four students killed due to alcohol-related accidents, dozens injured, and several sexual assaults.
Please pray about partnering with me to reach these students.
If you want to donate, write a tax-deductible check to Campus Crusade for Christ, and mail to Adam Reedy 1056 Wallens Creek Road, Troutdale Va. 24378. I will send out monthly update letters on what your prayers and finances are doing to reach these students.
Adam Reedy