Burnett is the change Grayson needs

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When our dad discussed running for sheriff with the family, we made the unanimous decision to support him wholeheartedly.
Our dad set the ultimate example for us to follow growing up. He raised us under the logic that as much as God has blessed us, it should be our responsibility to give back to others.
Our dad is extremely civic minded, spending over half his life in the Galax Volunteer Fire Department while also teaching fire prevention to churches, daycares and schools. If ever there was a more willing volunteer to help others that is our father, Mark Burnett.
Becoming sheriff of Grayson County has always been a dream of our dad’s. But never going at anything halfway, he wanted us to be grown before he took on this venture.
Being sheriff is a job that will require most of his time. Always putting God and his family first, we can say that our dad was present for every school function, sporting event, church play and PTA meeting.
We know our dad will pour his heart into this county. We guarantee he will be available to every citizen regardless of their education, social status, monetary situation, or criminal past.
Our dad stressed that our future should not be based on how much money we make or how many years of education we have. His recommendation was to choose something we love to do, and excel in it.
During 21 years of law enforcement our dad has obtained the experience, leadership and advanced training in all realms of law enforcement to fulfill all the qualifications to make an excellent sheriff for Grayson County.
With irresponsible spending practices and astronomical tax hikes plaguing Grayson County, good common sense is just what this county needs.
Fancy cars, engraved duty weapons and remodeled offices have not proven to decrease crime rates nor make Grayson County a safer place to live.
We urge Grayson citizens to stand up and be heard. This county needs change. It needs common sense leadership. Please vote Mark Burnett for Grayson County Sheriff.
Noelle Burnett Edwards
Emily Burnett Brown
Drew Burnett