Burnett is best candidate for sheriff

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or Mark Burnett.
I have known Mark for many years because he worked with my dad who retired with 22 years of service with the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.
As an officer of the law, you take an oath to protect and serve. Mark has made a career of doing that for each of us.
In doing so, there have been dangerous situations and time away from his family. During these many years of service he has become very familiar with our county, the roads, and the specific needs of each community.
Many people were at the courthouse when Mark announced his candidacy for sheriff. During his speech he said that he was a Christian, he loved the Lord and his family, and he respected the citizens of Grayson County. That statement shows great integrity, and just the type of man that he is.
He is honest and sincere about what he wants for our county.
I also believe that we, the people, will be pleased with the way the office would be run and maintained with Mark Burnett as sheriff for Grayson County.
Stacy Sells