Burglar arrested when he tried to reclaim lost phone

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Here's an update to one of our most popular recent stories.

By Landmark News Service

Not only did a burglar leave behind his cell phone when stealing wrapped Christmas presents from a home in Carroll County, he also showed up to reclaim his phone from police.
Chase Kiran Altice, 34, of Vinton, is being held without bond in connection with the break-in.
The burglar, the Carroll County Sheriff's Office said, dropped his cell phone in a bedroom in the house. Deputies called the Vinton man's family, saying his phone had been found in Carroll. Could he come by and pick it up?
"He shows up wanting his phone, and we were waiting for him," Investigator Shannon Goad said.
Altice is charged with burglary and grand larceny in the Nov. 23 break-in. At the time, he was free on bail in a string of burglaries in Botetourt County, Christiansburg, Wytheville and Pulaski County.
Now, he is locked in New River Valley Regional Jail.
In September, Altice and two others, including a 16-year-old, were caught breaking into mobile homes on a sales lot in Cloverdale.
A hearing on the Carroll County charges is scheduled for Jan. 21. Altice is set for trial in February in the Botetourt case.