Brief encounter made an impression

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This past Monday, I had the distinct privilege to meet a true Southern Gentleman, Mr. John B. Vaughan.
I do minor volunteer work at the emergency room at Twin County Regional Hospital a few days a week. I transferred Mr. Vaughan from the ER to his room on the floor. We had a very pleasant conversation.
He saw my volunteer ID and asked why I did it. I said, half jokingly, that it kept off the streets and that there were some bad people out there.
He smiled and said there were a lot more good people out there too. I said yes there were and wished him well.
He told me to have a good day. Certainly, for the few minutes I spent with him, I did.
I feel honored and blessed to have known him for only 10 minutes of his life: one of the good people.
Mike Riccitiello Jr.