Bogeys' Closing A Reminder

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It was one of the area's most finest dining destinations, but now it's gone.

Bye-bye, Bogeys. It was the spot for dinner dates, dining after a round of golf, relaxing with a cocktail or attending fundraisers.

The restaurant had to shut its doors last Saturday due to the stress of the economy. However, it went out with a bang, hosting its annual fundraiser for Project Lifesavers on the last day.

The owner had set out to make Bogeys one of the most beautiful restaurants in the area, and he did just that. When Bogeys first opened, the parking lot was filled with more cars from North Carolina than Virginia.

But when the local economy began to struggle, it lost its business.

That's when Bogeys should have been filled with local customers. Some said they couldn't afford it, but other comparable — and not locally owned — eateries thrived.

Locals continued to go out of town to eat basically the same fare, spending money on gas for needless travel.

Not only has Galax lost one of its best restaurants, but the closure adds to the unemployment rate, putting 20 people out of work.

Now, as we pass the “For Sale” signs in the front yard, let that be a reminder to shop and dine at home to keep the local businesses thriving.