Board didn't follow rules with zoning vote

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The 2013-14 procedures, approved by the Grayson Board of Supervisors, require a minimum of one week’s notice and public meetings before a motion can be entertained by the board. Since approved board procedures were not followed in allowing Mr. Rosenbaum to make a last minute motion concerning zoning at his first meeting as a supervisor in December 2013, the motion to repeal zoning should have been denied at the December meeting.
This gross mistake in procedure needs to be addressed immediately!
In addition to Mr. Rosenbaum’s unfamiliarity with board rules and regulations, he had difficulty hearing at the December and January meetings, two issues that also need to be addressed if he is to serve as a competent supervisor.
The following information needs to be shared by the board of supervisors at a public meeting concerning zoning, before a legal motion can be made by the board regarding zoning.
The meeting needs to be widely advertised to the community with a minimum notice of one week, and held in an appropriately large space.
A panel representing both sides of the zoning issue needs to be present to provide information and answer questions. The panel should include the supervisors, county administrator and planning commission members, to address the following:
Why should zoning be repealed and not amended?
What are the pros and cons of keeping zoning?
How can we know if the majority of voting residents want to keep zoning?
How much would it cost taxpayers to legally repeal zoning?
How would repealing zoning affect the comprehensive plan that 700 residents and professionals worked two years to develop?
This issue is about more than just zoning. It is about holding the supervisors accountable to follow legal rules and regulations.
The state offers training for supervisors, and Grayson has requirements for new board members and the chairman of the board to take training courses in order to be effective leaders.
Laurel Dee Snyder