Blessing the Animals

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By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE — Of the dozen or so dogs and one cat in attendance at the Blessing of the Animals Saturday, Stephanie Burnette thought her companion might be the poster child.
Maddie had been diagnosed with cancer in June, and Burnette learned that the dog might have days or weeks to live.
Despite that, Maddie continues to hang on and to receive treatment for her malady.
“She plays,” Burnette said. “She enjoys life. To me, it’s been a miracle, an absolute miracle.”


Maddie had cancer in the liver that had spread to the stomach. She is undergoing chemotherapy.
Burnette brought Maddie out to receive prayer with Pastor Ronnie Collins at First United Methodist Church in Hillsville. The Twin County Humane Society organized the event.
Thank you for the companionship provided by pets, Collins said. “We just pray you would bless their lives together.”
Humane Society members also brought beagle Beatrice and wire haired terrier Griffin in hopes they might get adopted.
Collins also read from Genesis 1:24-31, Psalm 104: 10-25 and Matthew 6:25-33.