Bedsaul cared deeply for Rooftop and clients

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Let me tell you some things about Christina Bedsaul.
This is a woman who worked 10 hours a day [at Rooftop of Virginia] for 8 hours of pay. Who cried over budget cuts that would cause layoffs and fought tooth and nail for funding to avoid some.
This is a woman who took the job not for money but to help those who needed help. Took money out of her own pocket to pay for a motel room for a homeless man in the winter because she could not find a shelter with a room and bought him a meal, too.
She cries during the holidays because other children don’t have what hers do. She doesn’t dress up because she doesn’t want her clients thinking she is looking down on them.
She treats all with care and respect. She and Sharon Nichols even took personal time to go to a client’s home to give a haircut and perm to a lady who was disabled.
Does this sound like someone who would do what a handful of spiteful people accuse her of?
I don’t believe so. I know all these things to be true because I’ve seen them. I’m proud to be her mother.
Darlene Gillespie

Editor’s note: The letter writer refers to Bedsaul and Nichols, both longtime employees of Rooftop, who were indicted last week by a Grayson County grand jury on charges of embezzlement from Rooftop.