Bears in Baywood

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Cubs are cute, but enjoy from a distance



The Gazette’s wildlife blogger, Bill Dunson of Baywood, usually has to go out looking for his nature photos, but this week the wild came to him.
“While working at the computer at about 8:45 a.m., I happened to glance down towards our front gate and noticed a large black animal there.” Dunson said. “I squinted a bit to be certain what this might be, since the neighbors have some black cows and one of them might be loose.
“However, this was a yearling bear roaming along our driveway! It hopped the adjacent fence and headed up the hill and disappeared from sight.”
Dunson said he had an almost identical sighting several years ago, but that bear unwisely headed in the other direction, toward the neighbor’s dogs, who were not too happy with the intruder.
“We do see bear signs in the woods periodically and sighted one crossing a woods road last summer,” Dunson said. “They have never caused us any problems and we enjoy having them around.
“If this is a yearling who has left Momma and is striking out on its own, I wish it well.”

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