Bartlett won't seek Oldtown seat

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I wish to inform all my friends and supporters in Grayson County and particularly those in the Oldtown Voting District that I will not seek reelection as the Oldtown District Supervisor in the upcoming election in November 2011.

I take this opportunity to say thanks to each one who has supported, encouraged and counseled me during the last eight years. Your support has allowed me and other supervisors of Grayson County to begin the process of restoring Grayson to a sound financial footing.

Your willingness to pay an increased tax burden is the catalyst for recovery from the sickness of the depression and poor management. The medicine being applied is the creation of 200 new jobs through new manufacturing in the county, as well as the development of job producing infrastructure such as the Blue Ridge Industrial Park, the improvement of the Twin County Airport facilities and the building of the Wildwood Industrial Park at I-77 Exit 19.

May God bless Grayson County.

Larry K. Bartlett

Oldtown District representative,

Grayson Board of Supervisors