Avoiding the quagmire

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By The Gazette

Attendees at the Carroll County School Board meeting last week witnessed a display of intestinal fortitude.
That came when Pine Creek District representative Olen Gallimore made an announcement at last Thursday’s special school board meeting on construction matters.
Gallimore’s behavior has been questioned after he received loads of fill dirt on his property from the Carroll Intermediate School construction site.
Facing the question head-on, the school board member stood and announced he would seek to clear up the matter himself by asking the commonwealth’s attorney to provide his opinion on whether there is a conflict of interest.
(The school board attorney has given his opinion that Gallimore’s actions did not violate any local, federal or state law.)
Gallimore has stated that a contractor offered him some fill dirt, but the school board member didn’t find out where it was coming from until most of it had already been hauled to his property.
One could find that Gallimore has acted forthrightly and decisively, calling for the matter to be looked into for a possible conflict of interest when nobody else has.
He shown resolve to answer the question and put the matter to rest.
Gallimore is a public official now and can and should be subject to public scrutiny of his actions, like all other public servants.
Regardless of the outcome, the school board member has not cowered but rather invited scrutiny, and that’s a commendable stance.