Assumptions differ from facts

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Carroll County Public Service Authority board member David Hutchins was recently quoted in a news report:
“When we look at our systems, we look at Fancy Gap water, and while it is funded that way, Rural Development looks at it as Carroll County has a water system.
“Although it is funded as a piece of Fancy Gap, it could be regional water as far as they are concerned in one respect.  Regardless, if we don’t have water in other areas, then our whole system will soon shrink up and die because we won’t have anything going in the pipes.” With that, Hutchins moved to use funds to purchase a portable generator.
It appears several assumptions have been made and they differ from the facts. Fancy Gap does not come close to the regional water system.
It’s inappropriate for an elected official to speak for Rural Development. Especially when the PSA spoke for Rural Development, and Rural Development answered, demanding over $260,000 of a $350,000 unauthorized project that was not part of the original scope.
If, according to Mr. Hutchins, “If we don’t have water in other areas, then our whole system will soon shrink up and die,” why would one make a motion to purchase a generator?
Why was the generator not in the original plan? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to use grant dollars as intended, placing lines to hook to regional water, if that is the plan?
Where is the plan and leadership to save our water system?   Some have said we do not need a plan. You might ask a pilot what happens without a flight plan.
Maybe staff should look more for grant monies that do not take away from services and see what resources are available for disaster preparedness, generators, etc., for the entire county.
I challenge Mr. Hutchins and board members to come out of closed session, have public meetings, and listen to needs and then develop a plan.
We need leadership with a plan, not dollars spent on public relations and portable generators. Even a dog can chase their tail for only so long.
Stephen J. Gregson
Fancy Gap