Art school added to Crooked Road

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By Staff Reports



Chestnut Creek School of the Arts (CCSA) staff was presented with a Crooked Road banner on March 1, signifying the school’s addition to Virginia’s heritage music driving trail as an affiliated venue.
The banner was presented by John Kilgore, president of the Crooked Road, during a concert at the school featuring Eddie Bond, Kirk Sutphin, Snake Smith and Joe Dejarnette.
There were more than 60 people in the audience to celebrate the event, including members of Galax City Council and Lisa Alderman of the Virginia Commission for the Arts.
Affiliated venues represent the best in traditional music gatherings that the region has to offer. As an affiliated venue. CCSA will be represented in Crooked Road publicity and promotional materials, and recognized as a regional destination to trail followers.
CCSA is the first educational organization among the affiliated venues, according to a press release.
Crooked Road Executive Director Jack Hinshelwood said that “It’s great to be able to connect Crooked Road travelers with opportunities to learn from accomplished artists from the region.”
The school has hosted classes in a variety of traditional Appalachian music and instrument-making, taught by some of the region’s best musicians and artisans. It also hosts a Junior Appalachian Musicians class.
The Crooked Road supports tourism and economic development in Southwest Virginia by celebrating and preserving the Appalachian region’s unique musical and cultural heritage.

A complete listing of the affiliated venues and festivals and the major venues of the Crooked Road can be found by visiting www.thecrookedroad.org. For more information about classes and events at CCSA, call (276) 236-3500 or visit www.chestnutcreekarts.org.