Arrest Reports 8/21/13

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The Gazette is partnering with local police departments to publish photos of suspects arrested and charged.

Gina Jill Akers, charged Aug. 9 with contempt of court. Released on $2,500 unsecured bond.

Dustin Alley, charged Aug. 10 with reckless driving, driving on suspended license and grand larceny. Sent to New River Valley Regional Jail. $3,000 secured bond.

Lucas Alley, charged Aug. 3 with possession of alcohol under age and Aug. 7 with assault and battery. Taken to regional jail. $2,500 secure bond.

Nathan Cory Atkins, charged Aug. 14 with possession of marijuana. Taken to regional jail. Held without bond.

Jacob Richard Bradley, charged Aug. 16 with shoplifting. Released on $3,000 unsecured bond.

David Lee Combs, charged Aug. 6 with contempt of court. Released on $2,500 unsecured bond.

George Burton Cooley, suspended sentence revoked on Aug. 12. Show cause summons issued.

Joshua Lee Crockett, charged Aug. 2 with while operating motor vehicle, driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license and possession of a controlled substance (two counts). Held without bond in regional jail.

Those pictured have been charged but not convicted, and should be considered innocent until resolved by the court. Photos provided by local police and sheriffs' departments and New River Valley Regional Jail.