Arrest Reports 5/6/13

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By Staff Reports

The Gazette is partnering with local police departments to publish photos of suspects arrested and charged.


Jesse Bryson Edwards, arrested April 19 and charged with obscenity drunk in public – profane language.

Stephanie Ann Hyler, arrested April 20 and charged with three counts of probation violation (felony).

Timothy Ellis Lundy, arrested April 17 and charged with drunk in public by an alcohol-interdicted person (not permitted to have alcohol).

Adam Franklin Ashby, arrested April 22 and charged with vandalism/damage property intentionally (damage or destroy any property or monument valued at less than $1,000), larceny of $200 or more (not from a person), burglary with intent to commit larceny, possession of burglary tools, larceny of property valued at $200 or more, possession of weapons by a convicted felon, narcotics possession, robbery of a residence and contempt of court (failure to appear on capias).

David Michael Largin, arrested April 21 and charged with five counts of sale or distribution of narcotics (more than a half-ounce but not more than 5 pounds), carrying a concealed weapon, narcotics possession, obstruction of justice (resisting arrest without threats of force) and obstruction of justice (preventing law enforcement officer from making arrest). No photo available.

Darren Dewayne Lineberry, arrested April 26 and charged with five counts of probation violation (felony). No photo available.

Alma Kaye Prescott, arrested April 22 and charged with larceny of $5 or more from a person, robbery of a residence, narcotics possession and possession of weapons by a convicted felon.

The Gazette lists names of those found guilty of crimes in its regular Court News feature. Our staff also tracks those listed in the Arrest Reports feature, and reports any suspects who are found not guilty or have their charges dismissed.