Arrest Reports 4/10/13

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From Grayson County Sheriff's Office

The Gazette is partnering with local police departments to publish photos of suspects arrested and charged.


Daniel Cenclara Anderson, charged March 17 with trespassing after being forbidden to do so.

John David Blevins, charged March 18 with probation violation (felony) and larceny (receiving stolen property valued at less than $200).

Roman Armando Bozzier, charged March 23 with drunk in public and profane language.

Malik Andrew Brown, charged March 20 with false communication of arson/explosive/bomb threat

Charlotte Michele Eldridge, charged March 19 with drunk in public and profane language.

Randy Eugene Osborne, charged March 22 with narcotics possession with intent to sell or distribute.

Thomas Wayne Bobbitt, charged April 6 with probation violation (felony).

Ryan Harley May, charged April 2 with vandalism (damage property intentionally, damage/destroy any property or monument valued at less than $1,000).

Donald Zane Roberts, charged March 31 with possession of alcohol by an alcohol interdicted person.

Travis Brian Anders, charged April 4 with probation violation (felony). No photo available.

Larry Johnson Jr., charged April 4 with driving while intoxicated (first conviction), blood alcohol level .15 to .20. No photo available.

Travis Gale Leonard, charged April 1 with simple assault against family member; charged April 5 with kidnapping (abduct by force without justification), assault, simple assault against family member and brandishing or pointing firearm. No photo available.

The Gazette lists names of those found guilty of crimes in its regular Court News feature. Our staff also tracks those listed in the Arrest Reports feature, and will report any suspects who are found not guilty or have their charges dismissed.