Area is blessed with musical talent

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What’s this I hear? There’s mountain music in them thar hills.
I dedicate this letter in memory of the following who kept up the heritage of bluegrass and old-time music through their talent and personality — Houston Caldwell, Alan Martin, Barbara Poole and Greg Hooven.
Time passes and things change but not the music we are accustomed to hearing since way back in the horse and buggy days.
We are blessed to have such great talent out there who maintain and stick with that traditional sound to the ear, heart and mind. Mountain music is appreciated and well-received throughout the world.
When one feels the blues or wants to leave worries and problems behind, they go and listen to the music that soothes the soul and uplifts the spirit.
From “Sally Ann,” “Keep on the Sunny Side of Life” and “On the Other Side Came Rocky Top,” songs like these and many more will not be forgotten.
Times are tough. Families continue to struggle to make ends meet. Work is slow and the paycheck does not go as far to keep up with high prices.
Not everyone is rich with a fat billfold. Some should take that in consideration. The real world — that is our “music.”
Mitchell Robinson