APCo customers set new all-time peak demand

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Appalachian Power customers set an unofficial all-time peak demand of electricity usage during last week’s Arctic blast.
Cold weather across the company’s service area helped push electricity consumption to 8,410 megawatts at 8 a.m. last Tuesday. The previous record of 8,308 megawatts was set on Jan. 16, 2009.
“We’re facing the coldest temperatures in 20 years, not just in some parts of our service territory, but across all of the three-state area that we serve,” Appalachian President Charles Patton said last week. “That has pushed the customer demand for electricity past anything we’ve ever seen.”
The new company peak will be confirmed next month when additional metering information is available to verify the customer consumption.
A megawatt is a measurement of electricity demand equal to one million watts. One hundred watts will light a 100-watt light bulb.
Appalachian Power has approximately 1 million customers in Virginia, Tennessee and West Virginia.