Animal shelter policies questioned

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So, let me get this straight. The animal shelter manager was unaware that the Humane Society was interested in a specific dog.
This same dog that they promptly euthanized was pictured the weekend before in The Gazette. One would think that they would keep dogs that have been featured in the paper for as long as possible.
The shelter claims it had to make space for seven dogs that were “supposedly” being turned in to the shelter. We need specific answers from the shelter manager.
Did those seven dogs ever come in? Were those dogs euthanized or adopted?
Why wasn’t the Twin County Humane Society about saving a small-breed, adoptable dog?
You state you had five empty runs. Empty.
A good shelter never euthanizes based on what “might” come in. It is quite obvious that the shelter manager is not going out of her way to save animals, otherwise the Humane Society would have been contacted prior to euthanization of this dog.
The Galax shelter is more progressive than many other shelters since it vaccinates on intake and euthanizes by injection, but there are internal issues.
The Twin County Humane Society needs our help, and so do the animals.
Please ask for accountability from our local animal shelter and our government officials.
Susan Boyer

Editor's note: The shelter staff was told to expect a citizen to bring in seven dogs, but those dogs never arrived. City Manager Keith Barker said that had those dogs arrived — along with other strays brought in from the counties — there would have been no room at the shelter. The two dogs were put down to create a total of seven empty spots in anticipation of the seven dogs arriving.