Americans caught in the middle

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What a sorry state of affairs that continues to plague our country.
From a political tug of war in Congress and the White House over spending, a huge deficit that keeps growing, the name-calling and finger-pointing goes on.
In the middle of this squabbling is the American people. Not only are children left behind, it is the workers, taxpayers, the breadwinners and the ones that don’t have a voice in decision-making.
Social Security, Medicare and funding to the poor continue to be a political football to some who use it to serve their own self-serving ideals.
Within this government we’re supposed to have a check and balance, oversight, accountability and watchdog agencies. All failed and were out to lunch when things got hard to manage.
Congress goes on vacation or leaders rush to the golf course for a photo op, while the anger of the public at the powers-that-be is at all-time high.
To all the ones who have a hard time making ends meet, who are looking for a job, keeping the family together — they are fed up and disgusted the way things are.
I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the families who lost their loved one in a helicopter crash (downed by terrorists in Afghanistan) that claimed 30 lives.
Peace and freedom with security comes with a very high price, paid in blood, sweat and tears.
God bless and protect all in our military.
Mitchell Robinson