Allegheny Hospital commended for care

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I commend Allegheny Memorial Hospital for being an absolutely wonderful and caring facility.
My father was taken to the emergency room June 21. His blood pressure was 50 over 29 and his heart rate was extremely high. Dr. Burchel, the physician on duty, was fantastic.
The next day, Dr. Mary Emma Beres of Grayson Highlands Family Practice in Independence, who is my dad's doctor, called after my husband and I returned home.
She said she did not expect my dad to make it through the night because his heart was racing and she feared it would race so much it would just shut down.
My husband and I stayed there all night. During the course of the night, Dr. Beres, Dr. Burchel, Dr. Kovacich and his partner Dr. Arocha were in constant contact with the nurse, Ashley Murray.
Murray was a Godsend all night long, coming into his room every 10 to 15 minutes to check everything out even though the monitors are also located at the nurses’ station.
Among the five of them, they got the right IVs going. At one point he had seven. They virtually pulled him back from death's door.
Even Dr. Burchel came into my dad's room later to see him, which I can assure you doesn't happen in most hospitals. Dr. Kovacich, who was called into consultation, got him on a wonderful heart medicine.
All of my contacts with Grayson Highlands Family Practice and Allegheny Memorial Hospital have been wonderful. They are a small hospital, but are staffed sufficiently to take excellent care.
I recommend Allegheny Memorial Hospital to everyone. No matter who you come in contact with, they are extremely friendly and helpful.
Thank you Dr. Beres, Dr. Burchel, Dr. Kovacich, Dr. Arocha and Ashley for your "all night long" consultations and especially the end result.

Darlene Walker