9th District candidates differ greatly

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The two candidates for the 9th district seat, Morgan Griffith and Anthony Flaccavento, are far apart in their outlook and ideology.
What does Griffith represent? He voted to turn Medicare into a voucher program for future recipients.
The bill included a decreasing scale that would mean more out-of-pocket expense for us each year as we age, up to $6,000 per year. AARP urges against this plan!
We also remember one of Griffith’s primary goals in life is to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. So much for clean air and clean water!
I guess he doesn’t remember when the Cuyahoga River was so polluted it caught fire. It’s true and it was one of the final straws that resulted in President Nixon (yes, a Republican) creating the EPA.
Maybe he thinks it might help the tourism industry if the New River catches fire every year?
And Anthony Flaccavento?  The Alliance for Retired Americans has endorsed him because of his position on saving Medicare and on other issues pertinent to seniors.
He has spent much of his career teaching and practicing sustainability, which promotes making a profit off the land, while leaving it available for future generations.  That’s not quite the same as letting a river burn because of pollution.
Flaccavento has spent his life helping people and creating jobs.    Much of his career has focused on helping displaced workers retrain to meet the current economy.
Can you imagine a better match for the 9th district than someone who understands how to help displaced workers? I can’t!  That’s why I’m for Anthony!
Kim W. Baughman
Elk Creek